Huub Derks:

"When we see a problem we want to solve it, in whatever way."



After years of working at Eldim and Elbar in Lomm, Huub Derks founded his own company in 2003. Derks had by now gained so much knowledge both about the machines and in solving complex problems that he decided to go it alone. His fascination with the magic technique of electrochemical drilling and the belief that the existing techniques were falling short, he started developing his own ECD machine: the Techco 2. With his no-nonsense innovation and solution-oriented approach, Huub Derks built up brand awareness in international gas turbine technology in no time. Detechco grew into a well-known specialist in high-tech processing technologies for the gas turbine industry and machine building with ten permanent employees. In 2016, Detechco was considerably expanded, both in surface area and in the number of machines. The company offers high-quality and innovative solutions to the international gas turbine industry, the microelectronics industry, the food industry and medical sector with clients in Europe, Africa and North America.


You innovate on the work floor. They know this at Detechco like no other. Derks, founder and owner of Detechco, operated the machines himself for many years and from that experience, he only creates practical and user-friendly solutions. His motto is: keep it simple. Detechco combines high-quality knowledge of layman’s understanding and a no-nonsense approach. Innovative solutions with a practical result. By keeping the organisation small and ‘flat’, Detechco is flexible and can quickly offer efficient and affordable solutions.

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